Egyptian Art Statue from Metropolitn Museum

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This superb pair standing statue remains semi-attached to the limestone block from which they were carved. There is chipping on the surface of Memi's (man) right arm. A portion of Sabu's (woman) nose and her lips appear to be chipped off as well. On the lower part of Sabu's body there is chipping on both legs and right underneath her pelvic area. There are visible horizontal lines that cut right across Memi's right forearm and …

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…triangle is well defined perhaps to represent her womanhood. The emphasis on this area is common amongst most Old Kingdom statues of women. Her hips and thighs are rounded and her kneecaps are visible through the dress. Her ankles are the same width as her leg and the artist did little to differentiate between where the leg ends and the ankle begins. Her toes point straight out and bear a similar appearance to her fingers.