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Edward Taylor was born in 1642 in the town of Sketchley, England. He had two brothers named Joseph and Richard and a sister-in-law named Alice. He taught school for a short time in England then moved to the Bay Colony, which is now known as Boston in April 1668. Edward Taylor landed in Boston on July 5, 1668. On July 14 he had an interview at Harvard and was admitted on July 23. During his three years at Harvard, Taylor was …

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…so much more educated than they were. Being that Edward Taylor was very religious (being a minister), he believed that men were first under an order to obey God through the exercise of good works, but after the fall, men could only be saved through faith, and not through work. He was completely in accord with the beliefs of the time. Among other puritans, he believed that god had delivered him from oppression in Europe.