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Educating Rita The play Educating Rita by Willy Russell gained great popularity especially during the early eighties. There has also been a movie made from it starring Julie Walters and the more famous Michael Caine. As so often the case, the movie was more elaborate with additional scenes, some of which were spoken of or retold by the actors in the play. The movie also included several actors while the play only featured two, Frank …

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…or vice versa. Fact remains that there are several details and little bits of information, important to the story that are in the movie but are missing in the play. References: Primary source: Russell, Willy. Educating Rita. London: Suzy Graham-Adriani Longman Literature 1991 Secondary sources: Educating Rita (The movie) Directed by Lewis Gilbert, Screenplay by Willy Russel, Columbia Pictures 1983 Trottier, David. The screenwriters bible: a complete guide to writing, formatting, and selling your script. Silman-James Press 1995