Edgar Allen Poe and O. Henry (as told by Poe and Exjambaum)

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In both of the articles, each author is trying to share his view, or theory on the short story. The view of Edgar Allen Poe is very pessimistic toward the novel and other forms of long fiction, while B.M. Ejxenbaum takes a more analytic approach. Poe writes, “The novel certainly requires what is denominated a sustained effort—but this is a matter of perseverance, and has but a collateral relation to talent.” Is the …

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…the principle of structural unity with centralization of basic effect and strong accentuation on finale.” This form changes in the eighties, when the surprise ending becomes a play on the plot scheme, and on the reader’s explanations. The stories become simpler and more basic in their structure and motivation. O. Henry wrote in this style, which contrasted greatly from the style of Poe, who wrote with psychological analysis, deeper moods and less formal structure.