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Michelle Holleran En 101 G. Pandolfi Nov. 14, 1999 Edgar Allan Poe's Life and the Effects it Had On His Writing Edgar Allan Poe could probably be named one of literature's most controversial writers of all time. Over the years, Poe's works have endured much criticism as well as much praise. Many professionals who have researched Poe's life and his writings feel that many of his writings strongly show reflections on Poe's real life. Poe was born in …

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…acknowledgement about his own sense of imperfection in the eyes of his maker, and likewise an expression of his faith in a Supreme Being (Campbell 134). Although Poe's life wasn't perfect, his writings are still admired all over the world. Poe died over 100 years ago and his literature is still evaluated and discussed, and observed. Bibliography Bloom, Harold. Modern Critical Views of Edgar Allan Poe. New York: Chelsea House Publishers, 1985. Quinn, Arthur Hobson. Edgar Allan Poe.