Economic Layoffs at Gateway

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Economic Layoffs at Gateway Macroeconomics is the study of the economy as a whole, which includes inflation, unemployment, business cycles, and growth (Colander, 14). In today's society, Americans rely on having the option to have multiple service providers for their home or office. Several businesses especially those who work nationally or internationally with other businesses, try to find the inexpensive and new innovative ways to reduce cost. My brother currently works for Gateway Computer Incorporated. He …

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…economy. According to the article, Gateway has lost approximately $2 billion dollars in annual sales since 2001. These types of strategic decisions are necessary for Gateway to competitively meet the customer's needs and to grow their business. One of the questions to ask is how will are job cuts going to affect the people and their lives as well as how the economy will be affected by the overwhelming amount of lay-offs all at the same time.