Ebonics and it's connotaions and effects in society.

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Ebonics I have chosen to concentrate on a fairly new issue, the language known as Ebonics. There have always been changes in the English language. This is how the language came about and evolved from standard British English to American English. During the last few years, as the world has become more sensitive to the rights of minorities, women, animals, etc. a new form of changes has taken place. These changes have become known as …

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…to be a kind of naturally working social regularity in any given society at any given time. A social regularity that we just recently have become aware of. The occurrence of separatism in societies seems inevitable. What caused Ebonics seems to be the fact that a large number of the Afro-American population, by being kept isolated and discriminated, have been forced into living in a separate language culture, a culture elsewhere since long time extinct.