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ELTE Save Face ELTE - a prestigious and promising word indeed, but only for people with an external viewpoint. Those who get a chance to have a look from the inside would think twice before saying that ELTE is 'prestigious' or 'promising'. The institution behind the word, 'ELTE' is losing its prestigious nature due to such factors as the slowness of student administration, the infeasibility of the curricula or the state of the copying facilities. …

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…avoiding unnecessary conflicts between the students and the employees of the university. Unnecessary, because neither side is responsible for the present situation and most of these clashes cannot be solved on the spot. The question is whether it is fair to 'punish' the students because the state does not countenance higher education sufficiently. By reducing the conflicts and thus the complaints, ELTE could retain whatever little there is left of its quondam prestige. Bibliography nope