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Introduction This paper is a detailed critique of “Shaping the Future – An Economic Development and Vision Strategy for the Wheatbelt Region”. The critique is organised to address the following issues; · Focus, Organisation and Scope · Economic Audit and Profile · Accessing Data and Information · Consultation and Communication · Strategy Implementation · Monitoring, Review and Implementation “Shaping the Future – An Economic Development and Vision Strategy for the Wheatbelt Region” has all the elements of an economic development strategy, but it …

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…A Regional Perspective: A Report to the Federal Government by the Taskforce on Regional Development, Commonwealth of Australia, Canberra. Professional Associations Division (Ed.) 1998, Economic Development in Local Government, Deakin Australia, Geelong. Municipal Association of Victoria 1994, Economic Development in Australia: Guidelines for Local Action and Regional Strategy Development, part of Ready Set Go, A Best Practice Kit for Local and Regional Development, Municipal Association of Victoria, Melbourne. Smith, N.I. 1994, Down-to-Earth Strategic Planning, Prentice Hall, Sydney.