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The thought of books being on computers shows mankind's need to use technology. Just imagine all the paper used in books around the world. Think of all the trees e-books would save. E-books are definitely the way of the future, but it won't be a simple or rapid change. In a perfect world 20 years from now, students will no longer carry around bulky backpacks. Libraries will be in smaller, extremely technologically advanced buildings. Magazine shops …

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…way we live. You can really get a sense of this if you take a few minutes to think of your daily routine, and how it could be affected by this technology. But the impact will not be seen until network ready e-book readers become popular and high powered wireless networks are formed.<Tab/> Romano, Frank. "E-Books and the Challenge of Preservation." http://www.clir.org/pubs/reports/pub106/ebooks.html