During A Son's Dangerous Illness

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Terence Duncan 11/01/99 An Essay on “During A Son’s Dangerous Illness” Death can strike at anytime, sometimes expected, but too often unannounced. Denise Levertov wrote a poem entitled “During a Son’s Dangerous Illness” about the unmerciful side of death. This poem emphasied on emotions, visualization, and a consice structure that symbolizes how perplexing and awful death can be. It is a poem of desolate mood and brought a horrifiying feeling to me. In my …

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…and thoughts to run through the reader’s head that are difficult to address. It is a good poem, but works such as this are viewed as unhealthy. Although, works of literature like this are important to give people an understanding of tragedy. When reading this poem the reader is feeling many emotions that can be bring up memories of the tragedies in their lives. It is almost disturbing to hear of events like this.