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Duality The theory of duality of personality is exhibited clearly in Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment by the character Raskolnikov: Svidrigailov represents the cold, intellectual side of his personality and Sonia is a clear example of his humane, compassionate side. Let us examine these separate components of Raskolnikov’s social traits. Svidrigailov is the distinct representation of Raskolnikov’s intellectual side which emphasizes self-will. He also represents a type of Nihilist superman. He feels that …

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…strange and contradictory because of his duality. A perfect display of such inconsistencies in his character is his initial resistance to his sister’s engagement to Luzhin and then later feeling that she should marry “whom she pleases.” His first reaction was with his humane side (Sonia) not wanting his sister to enter an undesirable marriage and then his intellectual side (Svidrigailov) contending that he must not concern himself with the insignificant problems of others.