Dualities and Fall from InnocenceDualities and Fall from Innocence in " Shiloh"

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Dualities and Fall from Innocence in " Shiloh" Throughout life, fall from innocence and dualities assist people in becoming mature adults. Leroy and Norma Jean experience many obstacles through their lives and also through their marriage. Leroy Moffitt who is an injured truck driver, encounters many obstacles in life which aid in making him a mature adult. Norma Jean, who is Leroy's wife, has many problems also, along with her husband. The short story "Shiloh" by …

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…how we interact with the people around us. The short story "Shiloh" by Bobbie Ann Mason exemplifies dualities and fall from innocence clearly. Dualities and fall from innocence are a large part of our everyday lives. They shape and also help us to grow and become mature human beings. Norma Jean and Leroy made the best of their experiences but in the end their different personalities clashed and their marriage just didn't work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**