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"Drummer" is a story about a boy who is trying to be normal in a society full of people who like big, strong, athletic people. The people are looked at as flawless, or else they can't anything wrong. Billy is the exact opposite of what the community accepts. We are very sympathetic toward Billy in Vanderhaghe's "Drummer" because he lives in the shadow of his older brother Gene, Billy's dad won't let him do what …

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…to get out shadows if he keeps trying to beat Gene. Billy needs to be more like Nancy who doesn't care what others think, just be yourselfand hope for the best. Work Cited Baker, Sheridan. & Gamache, Lawrence B.(1998). The Canadian Practical Stylist. , Don Mills, Ontario: Addison-Wesley Longman Ltd. Katz, Wendy R. Mackinnon, Kenneth A. Perkyns, Richard J.H. Thomas, Gilian. (1995). Introduction To Literature. (3rd edition, p.589-602). Toronto, Ontario: Harquart Brace & Company, Canada. Bibliography none