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Druids were a civilization of ancient Britain. They were a polytheistic with beliefs similar to those of the Wiccan religion. This group of ancient people has been said to have a link to Stonehenge. Their origin, beliefs, rituals and sights of worship have a link to the mysterious monument. The Druids originated from ancient Celtic tribes, at a time when the people had to live close to nature to survive. A Druid's connection to nature …

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…and there are a number of good reason for modern people to consider Druidism today. Some see it as a way to reconnect, or "ground" themselves in history, or to prove their understanding of their origins, beliefs, rituals and worships. Works Cited Melton, Gordon J. The Encyclopedia of American Religions Gale Research Company. Detroit: 1987 A. Carr-Gomm, Philip. The Druid Way Rockport, Mass Element: 1993 Spence, Lewis. Druids Their Origins and History. New York. Barnes and Noble: 1995