Drug Offenders Made Harden Criminals

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For John Russell it was just another ordinary night. At 2:00 A.M. he was calmly sleeping. He arose to a cracking noise outside; just then the police came crashing into the house. They ransack his house and found a 3-ounce bag of marijuana. In his underwear only, he is cuffed and taken to jail. In the meantime his wife and two kids huddle in the bedroom scarred to death. Was it all necessary? Is the …

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…over from the beginning, just as if he had just got out of high school. The way we go about treating drug offenders in America is dysfunctional. If rehabilitation is the purpose, then we have failed. Why not put these people in drug rehabilitation centers. And at the same time keep in touch with society. We need to help these people recover from their addictions, while allowing them a functional life in society. Bibliography Me