Dresden, A City Lost

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Dresden: A City Lost Dresden was once called, "Florence on the Elbe," before the widespread destruction sustained during the war and was numbered among the most beautiful cities in the world, noted for its architecture and great art treasures. On the eve of February 13, 1945, phosphorus and high explosive bombs devastated the city. "Everyone was convinced, that there would be no attack here." (Owings, 191) Dresden was of no means a principal military point, furthermore, the majority …

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…city is thoroughly justifiable in a moment of war. A statement by Robert Saunby, the chief aide of Sir Arthur Harris, the commander-in-chief of the Royal Air Force Bomber Command, in 1963, expressed some doubts of the bombing of Dresden. His statement is as follows; "…the bombing of Dresden was a great tragedy none can deny…it was one of those terrible things that sometimes happen in wartime, brought about by an unfortunate combination of circumstances."