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Dreams (Sigmound Freud's interpretation) Dreams, what are the meaning? Sigmound Freud "Dreams, what are the meaning?" Sigmound Freud wrote many books, publications, and articles about the subject of dreams and how to interpret them. He had many theories pertaining to why, what, and how to interpret our dreams and find a meaning hidden within them. Freud had many theories about what certain dreams and the objects within those dreams are symbols of. His theory of …

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…and our inner most desires. However, I don't see how the mere lengthening of an object can dictate a sexual act or thought. I believe that dreams are a way to enact farfetched adventures, dreams, and aspirations that we would not be able to do in real life. Dreams are the pallets that enable us, as the artists, to have all the free will and thought to create our own masterpiece which is uniquely ours.