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Dracula Dracula is a penetrating look at the novel written by Bram Stoker in 1890. This is just to let you know right up front that The Stratford Festival's Dracula, is a keeper. Richard Ouzounian, who creates an evening of theatrical magic, directed this thrilling production. You, yourself can experience this astonishing play from May 19 to November 7 1999 at the Avon theatre in Stratford. This fairly modernized theatre is comfortable, and has a lot more legroom than …

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…ign of the set. It suited the play well and added interest to the play. Alix Dolgoy did a great job on the costumes, they were realistic of the time and also allowed the actors to move, or so it looked. Dracula will keep your interest from beginning to end. There are so many wondrous elements and songs', seeing it once is not enough; you'll want to see this one again and again.