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Costea 1 Razvan George Costea Professor Wagner ACA 111 - 100 May 3, 1999 The History of Dracula Undoubtedly, we have all heard legends about vampires. These undead creatures were born to live by sucking the blood of innocent humans. But where did these monsters originate? The name Dracula comes from Vlad III of fifteenth century Romania (Porter). Contrary to popular opinion though, Dracula was not a vampire, but rather one of the greatest rulers that had every reigned over …

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…displayed on a stake proving that he was dead (Porter). Dracula remains known to us as a vampire even though that myth has long been disproven. He was actually a great prince and a warrior who fought for his people no matter what the odds. He believed in a crime-free state where people should work hard and be rewarded for it. By all means he truly is a man to remember. Bibliography www.draculamyth.com