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THE REAL DR. FAUSTUS Tales of Faustian-like episodes are not limited to the past couple of centuries. Accounts of men signing deals with the devil have been recounted since before the Reformation. Most of the time, the party accused of associating with the devil was forgiven by God and not sentenced to fulfill his contract. It was believed by some, that to conjure up a demon that could be controlled through Jesus was an act …

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…referred to, by the City Physician of Worms, as an arrogant swindler; but the very next year Phillipp von Hutten wrote that Faust had been correct in his predictions concerning Philipp’s expeditions. Faust died in 1540 (or 41) probably in Wurthenberg or Regensburg, contrary to legend’s account of his terrible end near Wittenberg. Bibliography Bibliography The Ecole Initiative: Pacts with the Devil: Faust and Precursors. June 24, 200. 6:34 p.m. http://www.usao.edu/~facshaferi/FAUST.HTML