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The Pride and Greed of Dr. Faustus In the sixteenth century play Dr. Faustus, by Christopher Marlowe, Dr. Faustus, the main character, prevails two distinct qualities: greed and pride. It is these two qualities, one even being one of the seven deadly sins, which lead to the destruction of Dr. Faustus. Faustus already had everything that any person in his time could possibly need or use. Yet, because of his desire for a power greater …

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…away. And his soul would soon belong to Lucifer, who would have control over it for eternity. So the same aspects of his life which at one time made him believe he was great, now were reduced to nothing. His greed and pride led to his destruction both mortally and eternally. By selling his soul, in search of powers beyond his reach, he went from a wealthy knowledgeable member of society to an eternal servant.