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Donations Helping Others Helps Yourself Giving a gift to a needy cause can be a very generous deed. Other than being benevolent, it can be self rewarding, especially when April 15th rolls around. Many people think ĎOh, I ainít rich myself... how can I afford to help others... Iím the one who needs the help!í Well, your wrong. Giving certain contributions pay off more than others, and if your are like me, my …

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…is less than $10,000 it is tax free. Every person is allowed $675,000 estate tax free. So if you were to give a non-cash gift greater than $10,000 than it would be subtracted from that some. Remember to always file a gift tax return. If you do so, then the IRS can only dispute the value of your gift for three years., If you donít file the return then they can dispute it forever. Have fun giving.