Don Giovanni, Critique of the short story

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In Garrison Keillor’s short story “Don Giovanni” the main character, Don Giovanni, is portrayed as a self centered, self serving, seducing womanizer. The story focuses on conversations held between “The Don” and Figaro. In these conversations “The Don” attempts to erode Figaro’s positive views on marriage. The attitude that “The Don” has about women is negatively viewed by most societies, and it’s because of this attitude that he ends up at the …

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…to be the perfect life to him, lead to his death. To everyone around him this is obvious, but Don believes so strongly in his ways that he would rather die than be confined within the walls of marriage. This story goes beyond the individual level; it also portrays the battle between two separate belief systems. Don Giovanni may be sane in his own mind, but not in the eyes of society as a whole.