Dog by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

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Dog In Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem, “Dog”, the dog symbolizes an ordinary man going on about his life. In the first section Lawrence establishes what the things are that the dog sees in comparison to himself. The next section deals with how the dog thinks and feels. Finally, the last section reveals what the dog does. Mr. Ferlinghetti shows us how a normal mans life is similar to a dogs by revealing what the dog …

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…Line80) and the repetition of the word real in lines fifty-four through fifty-seven. In this poem Lawrence Ferlinghetti explores a normal mans life by making the dog symbolize him. Ferlinghetti uses alliteration and repetition to help create the effect of what the dog does and how he feels and thinks. He also uses colorful imagery to explore what the symbolic dog sees. These writing devices that Lawrence used made “Dog” interesting and easy to understand.