Does the Media Influence the Development of Eating Disorders in adolescents?

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"I'm So Fat!." This exact line (and lines similar to it) are spoken daily by millions of girls throughout the Western World. Girls that are not even overweight in the slightest have been under a huge misapprehension because they believe this line to be true and as a result, there has been a dramatic increase in development of eating disorders in the female population in the United States and Canada. Imagine being a fifteen-year-old girl, …

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…a chaotic world. There will probably never be a way to completely abolish eating disorders in society because it the media's unattaible standards. However people can stop the growing numbers as soon as they stop believing all the lies the fashion and dieting industries bestow upon them. No number on a scale or being able to squueze into those tight leather pants will make a person happy because happiness can only come from within oneself.