Does Michealangelo's talen still reflect after the Restorations

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Does Michelangelo's talent still reflect after the Restorations in the Sistine Chapel? I asked myself this question after I watched the video and I don't believe that it does. Michelangelo is known for his talent in figure drawing and shadowing, after the restorations, his shadowing the character of his art was gone. I asked myself another question, "should he still get credited for this art work?" Yes, I think he should because even though his …

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…little effort to the ones who have let the restorations continue. In conclusion, I think that the restorations that were taken away from past years, and then the restorations that showed Michelangelo's true meaning and characteristics was a good idea. I think that is a good idea and that the idea of cooling the church and only allowing so much light in and less people going in and out of it is a good idea.