Does King Lear Play the Tragic Hero, or the Autocrat

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Does King Lear Play the Tragic Hero, or the Autocrat? It is quite possible to make an argument in favour of either answer, an argument that would prove to be quite a debate, although one answer would weigh in favour of the other. To prove this, certain elements would have to be analysed thoroughly, all aspects taken into context and sufficient research done into the matter. This is the only method in which a fair …

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…hubris, their provocative and deductive variation of the same theme proves a catalyst in an argument in favour of the tragic hero. It is most certain that King Lear provokes pity and fear into the minds of the spectator, in a tragic story of morality, and mortality that is sparked by Learís hamartia, his fatal flaw, arrogance and vanity combined with a stubborn and selfish outlook upon life, which proves to be his downfall.