'Documentaries, like plays, novels and poems, are fictional forms'. What do you think Wiseman meant by this statement? Discuss with reference to a range of documentary material.

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Personally, I agree with Wiseman to a great extent in regarding the documentary as a fictional form. He is saying that documentaries, although purporting to be truthful, are in essence fictional in a similar way to plays and novels in that the producers have power over the bias and viewpoint of the documentary. A production on one sort of subject matter can reach completely different conclusions from the other, merely because of the views of …

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…juxtaposed parallelism to show the hypocrisy of the racist officers and blatant differences between the training system and the actual working environment. Overall, I think Wiseman is very perceptive in forming this viewpoint. It really does not matter about the subject matter, as the program makers will reach their own conclusions and present a biased and jaded production, albeit veiled in truth. The producers have the ultimate power as to the conclusions of the programme.