Divine Dialogues Comparing Job and Arjuna

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There is a distinct significance for humans forming a relationship with a higher being. To some, it may to be to establish a sense of self-gratification whereas to others it may be a form of help on their road to success. In either instance, forming the relationship helps in characterizing each person whether it is through personal dialogue or individual growth. The Book of Job and the Bhagavad-Gita are two texts that explore the characterization …

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…man who was willing to endure whatever to achieve what he wanted. He exemplified strength, devotion, and faithfulness. Arjuna wasn't as faithful to or confident in his personal deity as Job was. He was, however, strong and open to the teachings of self-discipline that eventually helped him to grow as a human. Although his sense of character was different, he did expand his knowledge of Krishna's ways of wisdom and was blessed in the end.