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ROUGH DRAFT- Compare/Contrast Essay #910711 February 14, 2000 Advanced Comp- block 2 Disney Princesses: similar, but different It would cause some people to laugh if I were to say that all leading characters in Disney movies were the same. To anyone who has seen at least a few, that notion is absurd. Even in tales of Walt Disney, not every hero wins the war, nor every princess her prince. In the classic Disney love stories of "Cinderella" and "…

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…for happiness. However, the two princesses face problems with different outlooks, as well as problem-solving techniques. After thwarting big problems, the girls and their princes are destined to live a life of happiness in love. They each had to make sacrifices and take risks in order to reap the benefits. As Princesses, Ariel and Cinderella have many similarities, focusing on their acqusition of the princes, and each does also face different challenges in different ways.