Disguise in Shakespearean Comedy

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William Shakespeare was a jack of all trades. He could do it all – histories, tragedies, comedies, romances. While some people may say that Shakespeare’s tragedies are the most popular, his comedies are as popular as the tragedies, if not more. However, comedies of Shakespeare’s time are not what people of the twentieth century perceive to be “comedy.” Some of the elements of Shakespearean comedy are similar to today’s comedy, such as physical …

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…Night, as well as in other comedies as well. Out of the three comedies seen in class, each uses disguise in a different way, with Twelfth Night using this aspect of Shakespearean comedy to the maximum. Whether the comedy is a festive one, a comedy of confusion, or a black comedy, Shakespeare uses some of the same techniques throughout all of them, and they continue to delight audiences around the world time and time again.