Discuss a cultural text of your choice in relation to representation and ideology.

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A cultural text can be anything from film to music, or art to books, such things only become a text after they have been decoded through critical interpretation. Each individual interprets text differently and it is through such things that we can experience culture. What exactly is culture though? The word culture comes from the Latin to mean 'tend and grow on land.' Over the years it has come to mean other things, we …

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…who would rather strip themselves bare of their dignity than give it to system they are worth more than. Bibliography Books *Marx, Karl and Engels, Frederik. The German Ideology Part 1. Lawrence and Wishart, London. 1974. *Rivkin, Julie and Ryan, Michael. Literary theory: an anthology. Blackwell Publishing Ltd. 1998 *William, Raymond. Culture and society 1780 - 1950. Chatto and Windus, London. 1967. Videos *The Full Monty. Redway film productions. 1997. Written by, Beaufoy, Simon. Produced by, Pasolini, Uberto. Directed by, Cattaneo, Peter.