Discuss Thomas Mann's "A Death In Venice". Also, find an interpretation of the story and write whether you agree or not with what it says.

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Thomas Mann's A Death in Venice Mann's A Death in Venice is the story of a respectable writer, Gustav von Aschenbach, and the slow self-degradation which led to the ending of his life. Beginning in early childhood, Aschenbach had based every action and thought he ever had on self-discipline and reason. He avoided thoughts of a carefree and disruptive nature, anything that took him away from his beloved routine. The story leads to his break …

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…in the boys life. Second, it was not just the cholera that killed him. The disease had been affecting others in the town as well, and Aschenbach must have known that he could not avoid it forever. It was suicide, because Aschenbach did not want to return to his previous life. His own mind and thoughts killed him, and if it had not been cholera it would have been something else very soon. THE END.