Directing Towards Freuds Hamlet in Y2K

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Before we begin, I would like to congratulate you all on getting selected for the various parts in this production of Hamlet. My name is Glenn Close, and I will be directing this production from today until it closes in Tokyo next May. I have played the role of Gertrude, as many of you know, in the Hollywood production starring Mel Gibson. I also played Ophelia twice in high school and once my senior year …

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…uncle, Claudius). Hamletís ability to act becomes feasible in the last minutes of his life. As a woman, it may be easier for me to believe and direct Freudís concepts of Hamlet. Male directors have a tendency to deny and even argue that Hamlet had an Oedipus complex. I hope that by directing this modern, Freudian Hamlet, my audiences (especially men) will become more accepting of these concepts instead of the repressing them.