Dionysus The Peoples God

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Dionysus: The Peoples God Dionysus was one the most influential of the Greek Gods. Even though he didn't arrive in Greece until approximately 800 BC, the impact from his followers is still felt in the world we live in today. Dionysus was a demi-god meaning that he was only a half god, which makes his rise to Mount Olympus even more amazing. Dionysus represented everything that the people could relate with. He was looked upon as …

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…a large consumption of wine. His cults progressed even farther to include all night orgies to communicate to the god himself. The one aspect of all of these transformations to the cult of Dionysus is that they all represent the average persons needs and hopes for life. The Greeks looked to Dionysus to help simplify their lives anyway possible. This is why Dionysian cults are still around in the world today and may never disappear.