Dimmesdale as Tragic Hero

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Dimmesdale: Tragic Hero? One may ask how The Scarlet Letter would fit the structure of a classical tragedy. The answer to this question is quite simple if you know how to identify a tragedy. A tragedy is a story that depicts serious incidents in which protagonists undergo a change from happiness to suffering, and often involves the death of others as well as the main characters. In The Scarlet Letter, Dimmesdale follows this structure perfectly. …

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…completing some sort of task, Dimmesdale does succeed in doing so because he lets the world know that even though he is a minister, he is human and sins just like everyone else. He may not have accepted it very well, but he finally comes to terms with it in the end. Dimmesdale can speak for everyone else out there that cannot accept themselves for he they are and not care what other people think.