Difference between Pentium II & Pentium III

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Introduction The purpose of this memo is to evaluate the difference between a Pentium II processor and a Pentium III processor. In addition, this memo will tell if · Pentium II and Pentium IIIs level of cache memory to determine witch is “better or faster” for the company’s needs. · Which Cpu is desired for system boosting and will it help · Pentium II can upgrade to the Pentium III. What's the difference between the Pentium II …

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…to work on each system to tell witch they would prefer to work with, and get a mass opinion and some updates on our competitors on both processors before make a complete decision. Contact Information I can be reached by email. dap32@hotmail.com This graph is to aid in the decision of the purchasing of the Pentium 2 & Pentium 3. Also it shows what other companies are using so we can keep up with the competition