Diary Of Anne Frank

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The Dairy of a Young Girl The autobiography I read "The Dairy of a Young Girl" written by Anne Frank" is about a young girl who suffered a lot in the Holocaust. Anne Frank kept a diary, which made her a very well known teenagers. She has inspired people from all over the world. Her writings explain the true feeling of being in the World War II. She kept her dairy from June 12,1942 and ended …

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…at the Neuengamme camp in Germany. As starvation, cold and disease spread in the camp. Margot and Anne developed typhus and died. Anne died on April 1945, to the disease. She died a few weeks before the camp was free by the British. At that time Anne was only 15 years old. After the war, when it was positive that Anne had not survived, the diary was given to Otto Frank, and he decided to publish it.