Diagnoisis of Attention Deficit Disorder and if Ritalin should be taken.

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Over the past several years there has been much discussion dealing with the over diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder. The big controversy is whether or not Ritalin should be prescribed to those diagnosed with ADD or ADHD. The use of Ritalin has highly increased over the past five years, which make people think that it is over prescribed. They have brought up arguments of people abusing the drug, the side …

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…is one of the various medications that we now use in the treatment of attention deficit disorder. Despite all the controversy, and arguments against Ritalin, those who are prescribed, need this drug to help them deal with everyday life. All the arguments used against it, cannot make up for the affect it has on each individual who needs it. When it is used correctly, and is effective, the results can be truly astonishing and life-changing.