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John Dewey Reaction Paper “The correlate in thinking of facts, data, knowledge, already acquired, is suggestions, inferences, conjectured meanings, suppositions, tentative explanations:--ideas, in short.” --John Dewey Out of the authors that I have read this year, Alfred North Whitehead and John Dewey are the two that I have found the greatest commonality with in the subject of obtaining and gaining information. Whitehead speaks on education relating back to Life. It seems to be the …

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…uncovered leave them with a lack! on the information as a whole. The realism of the situation is another factor to consider as well as the time prospective. In closing, I understand and agree with both Whitehead and Dewey's propositions for a more efficient style of acquiring a more fruitful, long term, though process, it would take more than I think is possible without lengthening the academic year. And what student would really want that?