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In it For the Money The telephone rang. No one answered. Detective Michaels called again, but there was still no answer. “Damn it,” yelled Michaels, slamming the telephone back into its cradle, “he won’t answer the phone. He probably got some hot tip and decided to go check it out himself. God, I swear if he goes ahead and screws up another case I’m gonna kill him! Three times Jerry, three times he …

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…lay helpless on the ground. “So what’s your answer to the question?” Peterson asked. Michaels jammed in a fresh clip grabbing Peterson’s hair and putting the gun to his throat. He pulled Peterson close and whispered in his ear “it was me,” before unloading a shot right through his jaw. The End ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** Yo my name is mike d and im here to say, im from the mother fuckn city of LA!