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Desdemona The character of Desdemona, in William Shakespeare’s, Othello is presented to us as a beautiful, honest, and faithful woman, who never truly reveals herself to her husband. Although Desdemona loves Othello with all of her heart, she has a hard time opening and communicating with Othello. She is not the only one at fault; Othello struggles in the same way. Although I think she never earned the corrupt treatment from Othello, she allows …

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…of confusion concerning her own feelings. They are bewildered because they have not discovered how to inform each other about their feelings Othello’s rage with his anger takes control; he turns on her and strangles her until she is barley alive, and eventually dies. Emilia walks in and asks Desdemona who could do such this retched action. Desdemona says to Emilia, “Nobody. I myself. Farewell. Commend me to my kind lord-O, farewell!” (Othello 5.2.122-23)