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Desdemona Shakespeare’s sweetest star A Outline of the role of Desdemona in the text : Desdemona is the sickly sweet innocent in Shakespeare’s play Othello. Desdemona is a strong willed, faithful young women of noble breeding from Elizabethan times. She comes across as being an honorable women. She could even be called chivalrous in a feminine way. Only daughter of Brabantio, a very important man in the Venetian high society of the day. Brabantio …

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…loving him. This is the speech that shows how much Desdemona really loves Othello. Also what an innocent a being she really is being abhorred by saying the word ‘ whore ‘. Desdemona is sweet and pure but she may have survived longer if she was ignorant to how bad humanity can be. All of the humanities bad side is shown in Othello. Racism, Jealousy, Envy, Violence. I think Desdemona is there to balance it all out.