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The night was December 6, 1994, cold, dark, and crystal clear. The temperature was fifty-eight degrees Fahrenheit, and the winds were blowing southwest at seven miles per hour. It was a night I will never forget. As I stood in the open doorway that night, with only the reflection of the moonlight shining in my eyes and the wind blowing so cold across my body it caused me to shiver, my teeth began to chatter and goosebumps …

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…four turbine jet engines of the C141 Starlifter military aircraft that echoed in my ears or smell the jet fuel fumes penetrating the cool night air. We seemed so close, yet so far apart, each of us in our own world, unaware of each other, yet somehow connected on that calm cool night. What, a peaceful, humbling feeling. Bibliography A descriptive essay of my first night jump out of a military aircraft as a paratrooper.