Describing society using three films, Requiem for a dream, fight club, and American Psycho as examples.

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Dear Steve- Hey, how are you? I'm great! I'd like to continue where you were discussing image in the letter you wrote to me. Your letter brought up important points about image I'd like to talk about that in this letter. The definition of image is a representation of a person or thing or a person strikingly like another person. There are many ideas of image in society, ideas, and concepts. An image may be …

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…that they want one to be in. Conforming and image, are hard things to change, it's better to be yourself and not worry about society's impossible standards. I think I have stressed my points to you in many forms in this letter to you through news, movies, and my ideals. Hopefully, my letter to you has expressed well my views on image. I can't wait to hear your reply! Talk to you later. Sincerely, Leesa