Descartes Second Meditation

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Descartes Second Meditation Descartes's Second Meditation discusses how a "body" can perceive things, such as objects. Perception is vital to his first theory that "[he] thinks, therefore [he] is." In order to prove his conclusion; he goes through a series of premises, or arguments, that lead him to his final conclusion. In order to reach this conclusion, he uses a process of elimination. In Descartes's final premise, he uses the idea that in order to …

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…of the premises that he makes. His conclusion that the mind is the easiest thing to perceive becomes blurred because of the fact that he uses definitions and ideas in various ways in order to prove his points. The last premise, in particular, is flawed because is relies on some of the very same principles in which he refuted in order to come to his own conclusion. It becomes a circular argument for this reason.