Descartes' Dream Argument.

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Descartes' Dream Argument Question everything. Descartes would like his audience to do exactly this when beginning his Meditations on First Philosophy. Urging the reader to do this, Descartes introduces an argument in "Meditation One: Concerning Those Things That Can Be Called into Doubt" regarding dreams vs. reality. Descartes argument concerning dreams in "Meditation One" seems to be correct. In this paper, I will first explain why Descartes presents the dream argument and the reasoning for …

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…makes an excellent and intriguing argument about dreams. His argument causes readers to question the world around him or her. Descartes presents this argument deliberately in the start of his Meditations so as to give the reader a clean slate or open mind when reading the rest of his Meditations. It is difficult to refute Descartes' conclusion that all sensory beliefs are dubitable since one can never know if the conditions for sensation are optimal.