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French philosopher Rene Desartes's Meditation One: Concerning Those Things that Can Be Called into Doubt is a method of determining which beliefs are certain and which are doubtful. Descartes applied illusion argument, dreaming argument, and evil genius argument. In this paper, I will discuss how method of doubt supposed to work in general with examples and also why does Descartes adopts this particular method. Furthermore, I will add how method of doubt enables Descartes to …

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…I think therefore I exist." In conclusion, Descartes's method of doubt assumption that any belief that can be doubted is false. Descartes used dream, illusion, and evil genius arguments lastly, came to certain conclusion that no matter if he was being deceive or dreaming however, one thing, Descartes argued, that was indubitable that he was thinking. And if you are thinking that means you exist because something must exist to do the doubting and thinking.