Denver Walking Tour

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Denver Walking Tour A suggested walking tour visiting Downtown Denver’s most interesting sights In 1917, local author Dabney Otis Collins wrote: “When I walk down a Denver street, I always feel as if I were listening to a brass band.” The city has that same feeling today. Whether you are catching a glimpse of a snow-capped peak at the end of 17th Street, watching a horse-drawn carriage clatter down Larimer Square, or admiring the reflection …

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…campus at 9th and Curtis is Ninth Street Historic Park, a full block of charming Victorian cottages that were originally built between 1872 and 1906. Descriptive signage provides architectural and historic detail about each of the 14 houses that now serve as campus offices. As you can see Denver has a lot to offer whether it be historical, cultural, or for just pure entertainment. Denver is definitely the best city around that is a mile above sea level.